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HVAC Contractors and Plumbers in Loomis, CA

At Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air, we believe all our customers deserve "Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!" That’s why we’re the plumbing and HVAC contractor to call for your home or business in Loomis, CA. We not only work with plumbing, heating and air conditioning, we also service water heaters and offer excellent drain cleaning. We’re licensed and insured and offer free estimates.

We’re ready to leap to your assistance with 24–hour emergency service from a plumber or HVAC technician. With more than 40 years of history–we’ve been in business since 1976–you can trust we’ll do each job right.

A Plumber for any Plumbing Service!

Our plumbers at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air have the training and equipment to help with whatever plumbing work you can think of. Along with the plumbing jobs you can expect from plumbers, such as leak detection, putting in a new toilet, replacing old fixtures, we also work with septic tanks and have the best in trenchless technology to handle sewer line and water line repairs and replacements. When your household plumbing in Loomis, CA needs the work of an expert plumber, give us a call.

Water Heaters Are Also Our Business

Water heaters are a necessary part of all modern homes. Stop to consider of all the ways you use hot water on a daily basis, and you’ll understand why it’s so vital to have professional water heater services in Loomis, CA. You only have to contact Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air to arrange for a water heater replacement. We provide installations of many types of water heaters, such as energy–efficient tankless water heaters, and we’re around 24 hours a day to help when you need water heater repairs.

We Offer Quality Air Conditioning Service

California enjoys a climate that’s the envy of many parts of the country. However, summers can still bring some cruel hot temperatures that require a quality home air conditioner to provide you and your family with relief. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air offers complete air conditioning services to Loomis, including AC repair 24/7 and installation of a variety of cooling systems: central air conditioning, evaporative coolers, ductless mini splits, and much more. Our technicians are focused on making sure you receive the finest air conditioning service.

Heating Installations, Repairs, and Maintenance in Granite Bay

A winter in Loomis may not be filled with freezing blizzards, but when the temperature drops, it’s great to know you have a heater you can turn on and receive steady, energy–efficient warmth from. If you’re currently living with an old furnace you don’t think you can rely on, we’ll handle the necessary furnace replacement. We work with many other types of heating systems, and can bring you new installations or the fast repairs you might need on one of the coldest days of the winter.

Drain Cleaning from Skilled Plumbers in Granite Bay

Drain clogs. Everybody hates them. But you don’t need to suffer from as many drain clogs as you probably are currently. Routine drain cleaning services with a powerful rooter can lower clogging problems in a household to the point where they almost never happen. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air is glad to provide drain cleaning services for your home’s plumbing. Of course, we’ll do drain cleaning in emergency situations as well. We have our own "Rooter Division" with the best in newest technology and the best trained technicians.

Do You Need Commercial Plumbing & HVAC Services?

We think of Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air a company that offers something for everyone in Loomis, CA when it comes to plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. And this includes working with local businesses to see that they have great plumbing and the comfort levels necessary to be a continued success. As with our residential services, we place each of our commercial customers’ satisfaction first–on each and every job. From commercial water heaters to facility management services, you can always depend on our experienced team.

Local Reviews
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Very happy with the service

I would now never call anyone else , great investigation work to get at the deep problem not just a quick fix and three months later the same problem .they worked hard to find the real culprit.

Map of Loomis, CA

Great company!

Prompt, professional and proficient!

Map of Loomis, CA

fix shower faucett and tankless hot water heater

Map of Loomis, CA

Having the right tools, knowing the equipment, and experience gets things back on track.

My equipment has been worry free for many years. The fix was something I would have never guessed. I have repaired my (older style equipment) for many years. However with the problem that we had, Michael Eagan’s experience and use of the tools ( I do not have) got things working in good order. “When you have newer high tech equipment the problems can no longer be fixed without the right tools and experience” thanks Micahel Egan.

Map of Loomis, CA

Smooth repair and professional

Made repair quickly and with experienced confidence. Will have repairs in future done by him. Next time will have a picture taken after repair because it was under the house and can not see,but I forgot to ask. Great company.

Ryan  M.

Ryan M.

Removal of old 50 gallon electric water heater. Will need to cut open closet, sheetrock & plumb water lines & t&P to attic where new tankless water heater will be installed. Navien NAVNPE24A 199K BTU w/pump. Running dedicated propane line from outside to new destination. Also need to run new f/u through roof w/flashing. Crystal Blue Platinum w/tankless WH membership included. 10% discount is reflected in total invoice price.

Near Seavey Ln, Loomis, CA 95650
Sean D.

Sean D.

Copper 1/2" Line Repair Under house near master bath exterior wall broken 1/2 inch copper line feed direction out for water cut and installed ball valve and was able to pull out old hose bib from the ground without having to cut anything

Near Monte Sereno Dr, Loomis, CA 95650
michael E.

michael E.

Relocation of HVAC system moving all necessary equipment, installing unit cat walk and platform, moving / relocating the drain lines, flue exhaust, refrigeration lines and ductwork to new location. Install light switch and light. Install 4 inch filter media cabinet on the furnace to allow system to supply proper airflow for system Installation of 4 supply duct runs in room above garage installation of 2 supply duct runs in room above the bedrooms installation of one return in each room, Install zone control board hooked up to hvac system. installation of new thermostat wiring to room above garage with nest thermostat to match existing thermostats in house. 1 year parts and labor warranty on the work performed.

Near Bush Ln, Loomis, CA 95650
Sean D.

Sean D.

Started excavation at solid tank discovered issue with septic waste is making it to solid tank and into grey water side but it's not going out to Dbox tanks need to be pumped so we can provide a inspection of lines charge for digging up lids will not put pavers back in Excavated 4 inch pvc pipe that feeds to D box maybe found crushed pipe and it's has curled in on itself will have to excavate from tank out to 11 feet in the lawn area we will cut lawn so it can be put back will replace pipe with sch 40 pvc ran camera as far as it would go not sure if the d box is at 11 feet additional work may be required to resolve this issue Will cut open db so we can inspect lech lines and hydro jet this may be a temporary fix Install septic extension for distribution box so it's accessible Will run sdr 4inch pipe to the DB this includes removal of old pipe addition digging and materials will install two way clean out at exit point of grey water tank

Near Humphrey Rd, Loomis, CA 95650
michael E.

michael E.

Loomis California heating ac service heating ac maintenance heating ac diagnostic Perform work that is needed per inspection report. Install gas drip legs on 3 units, connect drain line to sump pump for proper drainage of AC units, and strap up all low hanging ductwork some ductwork has water in it will need to drain water and repair duct and strap up to prevent water from entering duct

Near Monte Sereno Dr, Loomis, CA 95650