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UV Water Purifiers in Sacramento, CA

There are many types of pollutants that may enter your home’s freshwater plumbing. Most of them seep through ground water and enter the municipal pipes carrying water from a treatment plant to residential buildings. That makes it hard to avoid them, unless a home is equipped with a whole-house water treatment system.  One of the most harmful types of impurities that can be found in water—the ones that are most frightening to hear about—are bacteria and microbes. These can easily enter the water from fertilizer in the ground and other sources. Because these pollutants are miniscule, they often escape standard filters and other types of water treatment precautions. But they won’t be able to escape UV water treatment.

If you are worried about organize contaminants in your home’s water in Sacramento, CA, call Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. We install UV water purifiers and other water treatment systems. Your home’s safety and health is our number one priority.

UV Water Treatment: How It Works

You may have heard about ultraviolet irradiation and its usefulness in medicine and air purification in buildings. UV rays are harmful to organic tissues, and if used in the right amount can destroy or make inert small organic pollutants. The same principle of UV irradiation found in air purifiers can be applied to water.

An ultraviolet water purifier is simple in concept: a light sending out UV rays bathes the water entering into a home. The rays disrupt cellular functions of microbes, bacteria, and other organic impurities, which kill them outright or makes them unable to reproduce, rendering them harmless. The amount of ultraviolet radiation in UV water treatment is harmless to people and pets, making this one of the safest ways to eliminate unhealthy contaminants from a water supply.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment Installation

We recommend you start the search for water purification by arranging for water testing with our team. If our tests detect large amounts of microbes such as E. coli and bacteria, we’ll recommend having a UV water purifier installed—and we’ll take care of the job as well.

You don’t want to toy around with a UV water treatment system yourself, since the work requires precision.  Once the UV water purifier is in place, it will need little in the way of maintenance or repairs. It will perform its job without you noticing it (aside from enjoying cleaner, healthier water, that is).

Complete Water Treatment Service in Sacramento, CA

Although a UV water purifier should run without trouble for years, it will need an occasional inspection—and possibly a repair now and then. You can depend on our technicians to take care of your ultraviolet water treatment system.

Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air started in business in Sacramento, CA as a full–service HVAC and plumbing company. We’ve grown because of our dedication to a strict code of ethics that ensures our customers have the service they deserve. You can trust us with your water treatment needs, and we’ll see you receive "Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!"