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Why Hydro-Jetting Works Great for Drain Cleaning

hydro-jetting-cleaning-pipe-diagramWhy should you consider professional drain cleaning? The reason most people think of first is to clear out a clogged up drain in the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the shower, the tub, the toilet, etc. A simple plunger or hand-cranked drain snake can’t always do the job, and chemical “drain cleaners” are often ineffective, only eating a small hole through the clog, and potentially harmful to the pipes themselves. Calling on a professional plumber to clean out the drain will fully get rid of the clog, no matter how tough that clog is.

Drain cleaning is also a preventive measure, like sending your drains to the dentist once a year for a cleaning to prevent further problems. We recommend scheduling drain cleaning once a year, and January is an excellent time to do it. Professional hydro-jetting is the best method.

What Hydro-Jetting Is

The name hydro-jetting explains the basic operation: using jets of water to clean pipes. If you put water under enough pressure and then blast it from a hose nozzle, the force of the water can scour away build-up and blockages inside pipes. The water pressure for a hydro-jetter is extremely high, at least 7500 psi. (Commercial hydro-jetters go much higher.) This power is enough to remove all types of debris caught on the drainpipe walls: grease and oil, hair, soap scum, minerals, etc. Hydro-jetting can even be used to eliminate root growth into the sewer line.

A hydro-jetter consists of a reservoir of water with a motor to put it under pressure. The water is sent through a long hose inserted into the drains through a drain opening or clean-out. A directional nozzle at the end blasts out the water in all directions. There are different types of directional nozzles to deal with specific cleaning issues.

Why This Is a Great Drain Cleaning Method

The biggest advantage of hydro-jetting is how thorough it is. Motorized drain augers (i.e. drain snakes) are powerful enough to break apart clogs, but they usually can’t remove all the build-up on the drainpipe walls, leaving enough to allow more build-up the start again. The scouring action from the direction nozzle on a hydro-jetter removes everything and allows it to wash downstream in the plumbing system.

Hydro-jetting also protects the drainpipes because it doesn’t use any chemicals or harsh mechanical action. The drains are cleaned out, but not scratched or worn in the process. However, water pressure that is too high can cut through the pipes. (In fact, hydro-jetting in industrial use can cut through metal!) You won’t have to worry about this, however, if you make sure you only hire a licensed professional plumber. A plumber will see that the pipes are cleaned with no damage.

If you want to arrange for drain cleaning in Sacramento, CA or the surrounding areas, contact us. We use the best hydro-jetting equipment to ensure you have the thorough drain cleaning that will help your drains work great throughout 2018.

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