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Why Timely Furnace Repair Is Critical

burners-in-furnaceCool weather is starting to arrive and furnaces around Sacramento will soon go to work. If you’ve had your furnace professionally maintained it should be well prepped for the coming winter. However, malfunctions can still happen, so keep an eye out for indications of furnace repair needs, such as strange noises, drops in airflow from the room vents, the furnace turning on and off rapidly, and acrid smells.

When you need furnace repair in Citrus Heights, CA or the surrounding areas, it’s vital you don’t wait on it but call our experts right away. We have 24-hour emergency service available to deal with important situations like this.

Why Moving Fast with Furnace Fixes Is So Important

If the trouble your furnace is experiencing causes it to fail to heat your home, then of course you’ll know why having the work done ASAP is important: you don’t want your home to be cold! But the furnace repairs we’re looking at here are the more insidious and tricky ones: problems that create a number of outward symptoms, but which don’t appear to reduce the furnace’s heating output. But make no mistake, these are still problems that require urgent correction from professionals. Here’s why.

  • Basic safety: Your home’s furnace is probably powered by natural gas. This is the most common type of heating system found around the country, and it’s powerful enough to overcome even the coldest days we experience in Northern California. But any appliance that uses natural gas can present a safety hazard if it malfunctions. Keeping your gas furnace safe requires moving fast to have it repaired if there’s anything outwardly wrong with it, just in case.
  • Breakdown prevention: It isn’t Murphy’s Law that makes it more likely for a furnace to break down during the coldest day of winter. It’s simply the natural law that says a wobbly heating system is most likely to stop working when it’s under the most stress. And any furnace with any type of malfunction is definitely “wobbly.” A repair issue places the furnace at a higher risk of leaving you trapped with a cold house and an emergency repair call. We can definitely help you with the emergency repairs, but we’d rather help you avoid them with a timely earlier repair.
  • Protect system lifespan: A malfunction in a furnace causes additional strain on components, and this speeds up the aging of the furnace while it runs. If you’re delaying with having a strange noise in your furnace looked at, you’re taking life off of it. The most expensive service a furnace may need is having to be replaced early, so having repairs done on time saves money in the long run.
  • Avoid efficiency drops: When the furnace is working harder than it should because of a malfunction, it will drain additional power and cost more to run. If you wait for a month to have a furnace repaired, you’ll probably end up paying much higher energy bills for that month.

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