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The Dangers of Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

water-down-drainIt’s easy to find liquid drain cleaners: you can purchase bottled of them in any grocery store in the same aisle with mops and other cleaning solutions. The big companies who produce these chemical cleaners sink millions of dollars into advertising so customers believe they are the standard for approaching clogged and slow drains.

They are anything but that, and you only have to ask any plumber to find it out. No experienced and trained plumber uses these cleaners and they actively discourage customers from using them. The plumbers aren’t trying to drum up more work for themselves: store-bought drain cleaners are not effective, harmful to plumbing, highly toxic, and terrible for the environment. There’s pretty much no upside to them.

We’ll break down the reasons store-bought drain cleaners can be a real danger for your plumbing and you.

They don’t work that well

Drain cleaners are sometimes called drain openers, which is a more appropriate name. They don’t “clean” drainpipes; they only eat through part of a clog to allow water to flow through again. The debris of the clog remains behind, and that means the clog will come back in a short time.

They can damage piping

How does a drain cleaner eat through a clog? With acid. That doesn’t sound good, does it? Yes, that acid can have an effect on the metal and plastic of drainpipes. The drain cleaner chemicals often remain in the pipe after they’ve been used, and this leads to corrosion along the pipelining that weakens it. It’s worst with a heavy clog, because it means the chemicals sit for longer in the drainpipe eating away at the material.

They’re highly toxic

If liquid drain cleaner is mostly made of acid, then it’s nothing you want to ingest—or even get on your skin or anywhere near your eyes. The lye and sulfuric acid in these bottles is bad news, and the EPA identifies drain cleaners as a major household toxin. Even the vapor in the air after pouring the chemicals down the drain is harmful and can burn your eyes. It’s better not have these things around your house, especially if you have young children.

They’re harmful to the environment

The empty plastic drain cleaner bottles that end up in landfills are rarely fully empty. The residue inside them sticks to the walls, and once in a landfill, the chemicals will start to seep into the ground, and even the groundwater. Acid isn’t exactly nature-friendly!

If you’re looking for drain cleaning in Sacramento, CA done right and acid-free, all you have to do is put down that bottle of drain cleaner (or save yourself a drive to the store to buy one) and reach out to our plumbers. We use the best professional drain cleaning methods, such as effective hydro-jetting that can clear out any clog and thoroughly clean drains and sewer lines without causing any harm to them. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas, and we’re available 24/7!

At Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air, we offer customer service the way it used to be! Customer service you deserve!

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