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Sign Up for Maintenance to Prep Your AC for Hot Weather

service-reminderThe change in the seasons is coming. We may not hit the sweltering heat for another month or two, but this is the time of the year to prepare for it. The most important preparation is seeing that the air conditioner that keeps you and your family cool through the summer is in tip-top shape. No lingering repair problems, no efficiency issues, no looming breakdowns.

So how do you get your AC ready for summer? You can do a few things on your own: clean the outside cabinet, change the air filter, and make sure none of the vents around the house are covered up or blocked in any way. The rest of the prep work must be left to HVAC professionals. You can sign up for our maintenance plan to arrange for your AC’s spring inspection and tune-up.

Why Maintenance?

Because you deserve to have an air conditioning system you can rely on! And one that won’t unnecessarily waste power or suffer from numerous repair issues. An AC that lasts for many years before you need to have it replaced.

Think of maintenance as an investment in the future of your air conditioner. It’s an investment that pays you back many times, not only in savings on repairs and performance, but also in steady comfort and peace of mind. Here are the benefits of keeping up with AC maintenance each spring:

  • Long equipment life: The average lifespan of an air conditioning system that doesn’t have maintenance annually is about eight years. That amount doubles if the system received professional maintenance.
  • Utility bills under control: As an air conditioner runs, it accumulates wear and tear. This places extra strain on the AC that will hike up utility bills. After only a few years without maintenance, you might be paying 25% more to run the system. Maintenance keeps this rise in check.
  • Few repairs: Did you know that around 85% of the repairs an air conditioner may need during its lifetime are preventable with maintenance? That’s huge savings and far less interruption of home cooling.
  • Reliable performance: When it’s a 90° day outside, you don’t want your AC to suddenly crash on you, leaving you scrambling to have it repaired—or even replaced. Maintenance gives an AC the best chance to get through the summer without a major breakdown. This not only means better comfort, but peace of mind—and that’s maybe the best benefit of them all.
  • Keep warranty valid: The warranty on many air conditioning systems requires that the unit receive annual maintenance or else the warranty is voided.

Sign Up for Maintenance with Us!

Air conditioning in Auburn, CA and throughout the Sacramento area is essential during the summer. When you work with our team to have your AC maintained, you’ll receive the best possible work from people who are dedicated to providing the finest in customer service. We offer maintenance plans for heating, cooling, and plumbing, as well as individual plans for heating and cooling only or plumbing only. We have a plan to fit every home—get in touch with our customer service representatives to find out more about the details!

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