When Is Repiping Necessary?

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January 3, 2017
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When Is Repiping Necessary?

Need to repipe?


There are several reasons why it may be necessary to perform repiping work in your house. Sometimes pipes can become old or defective and they may need to be replaced completely. It may also be a good idea to bypass some of these old pipes. A plumber can help you determine what type of repiping is necessary for your home and when you should have it done.

When pipes are defective, they leak and can flood your home. This can lead to even more extensive damage and repairs. Also, some types of pipes can develop small holes in which mold grows. Mold makes you and your family sick and eliminating it should be one of your main concerns.

It is necessary to repipe your home if you have pipes made of several different materials. These materials are polybutylene, kitec, copper, or galvanized pipes. Pex pipe that has yellow fittings should also be replaced. These pipes are the most likely to wear out and begin to leak. The sooner you replace them, the better. Copper pipes become old and corroded as well. You should replace these pipes with ones made of newer materials that last longer.

Repiping becomes necessary when you begin to notice that water is not flowing down your pipes as smoothly and quickly as it once used to. Sometimes, the water that comes out of your pipes will have a rust-colored tinged to it. This is a sign that the pipes the water flows through are rusty. Another sign that your pipes may need to be repiped is when you lose water pressure very suddenly. You may notice this while you are taking a shower, for example. The way your water tastes can also be a sign. A bitter taste can be a sign of rust in the water, which is caused by pipe corrosion. Once you start to see these signs, it’s a good idea to begin looking into getting your pipes repiped.

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