What Thermostat Should I Purchase?

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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What Thermostat Should I Purchase?

What Thermostat should I buy? What is the best thermostat?
For our thermostat discussion let’s identify three basic thermostats to start with.


Basic Non Programmable T-stat (thermostat)


  • Non-programmable
  • Familiar and easy-to-use dial
  • Typically not digital
  • Suitable for most heating systems

Programmable T-Stat’s

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  • Program for the weekdays and weekends with program period options
  • Adjustable programming offers day/ night-time comfort and energy-saving efficiency
  • Straight forward display and buttons for simple operation
  • Works with most heating and cooling types, including heat pumps

Smart or Wifi T-Stat’s

Wifi T-Stat’s

  • Most will sense if anyone is home and which rooms are occupied
  • Intuitively understands when to turn On your heating or cooling equipment
  • Conserves energy while you’re away from home
  • Monitor and control temperature on your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Often feature full-color LCD touch screens with high resolution display
  • Use the latest encryption technologies to ensure that your data is protected

The Deal…

Now that you understand the basics, there are tons of thermostats to choose from. Depending on your needs and energy goals you can start with more affordable simple t-stats or if you want more control options but don’t want to spend big bucks you might consider the programmable t-stats. If cost is no issue and you want all the bells and whistles a smart/ wifi t-stat will be your high tech answer.

Basic t-stats mean exactly that. Basic! Simple and easy to use. They are affordable and great for rental homes. Accomplishes your basic heating and cooling needs.

Programmable t-stats offer great options for customization, but also require more extensive training and understanding. General costs will be less than wifi t-stats but the learning curve is much more extensive. We encounter many homeowners who don’t know how to program their programmable t-stats or understand how to use them to save on energy costs. If your plan includes the programmable maybe consider having a qualified technician set up and train you.

Smart/ Wifi t-stats come as advertised, costly but delivering all the techie controls. You spend a lot of money for a t-stat that takes the time to learn your habits and considers your needs. It watches you when you leave your home and tracks you on your life’s journey. Kind of creepy, but studies show they can provide electricity savings up to 3 cents per kWh saved. Way past the fad period, looks like they are here to stay. With other utilities joining the thermostat bandwagon, expect more options and enhancements.

For more information on thermostats and energy saving equipment have a qualified Crystal Blue Technician come out and personally go over options that meet your energy needs and goals.

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