Toilet Efficiency

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January 3, 2017
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Toilet Efficiency

Toilet EfficiencyHow much water are you washing down the drains? I find a lot of folks who want to save water but don’t want the expense that comes with it. What options are out there for us? Some companies are making a low cost conversions that allows you to take an old toilet and make it a low flow or dual flush toilet. Sounds like the brick theory to me. Remember these ideas:

  • Couple of bricks in toilet tank
  • Plastic 1/2 gallon milk container and put in tank
  • Paint can in tank

Just a few throw back ideas from the good old days. Basically same theory, lower the water level in the tank to waste less. Now we change out the old flush valve and lower the amount of water that goes down the drain. Only one problem that no one wants to tell you, the trap size and shape has not been changed. So when you flush the old toilet with less water it’s not going to work as good. In most cases with solids you will still need to flush twice maybe three times. More often then not you will need to get your plunger dirty again. As a drain clearing plumber I should be happy that people are considering these.

Want a better solution upgrade those old toilets to a real low flow or dual flush toilets.

New toilets are flushing 1.6 gpf (gallons per flush) down to .9 gpf. Most toilet makers have several different models at different cost levels. There are several reasonable options to the water waste dilemma. Some simple research can save you some bucks and help you save some water. Check with your local water district about possible rebates as well.

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