Summer is coming. Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Hot Summer Months?

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Summer is coming. Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Hot Summer Months?

Air Conditioning units must bear through the dread of winter only to then be expected to work optimally in the summer.

However, the only way to ensure that the air conditioner will be operating at desirable energy efficiency and functional efficiency is to keep it well maintained by consulting a local HVAC specialist. There are many ways a Rocklin air conditioner can malfunction and there are many ways to keep it running perfectly well. As we transition from winter through springtime and into summer you should begin finding time tom make sure your home’s cooling unit is ready for what’s coming. A well maintained unit will perform for you just like you expect it to. The problem that many do not realize is that the air conditioner is expected to run full time, with no breaks. This machine will really quickly deteriorate if it tries to keep your home at a desirable temperature all day every day without properly maintained parts.

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How a unit can decay:

Air conditioners are actually pretty sensitive. They have air filters and grates which attempt to catch all debris before large chunks get into the system. However, if your filters are ripped or old, then your air conditioning unit might be working harder than need be just to compensate for the added particulate debris running through it. In addition, forgetting to keep doors and windows closed while an air conditioner is attempting to regulate a home’s temperature is huge problem. The heat will always attempt to leave through the nearest hole or opening and the door or window you leave open is the perfect contestant. As the heat leaves your home, the thermostat on the air conditioner will not ever get to see the desired temperature and the unit will continue to run… all day… until it somehow heats your home enough to reach a pre-designated temperature target.

How a proactive homeowner can prepare:

The theme here is that anything that makes it harder for your air conditioner to reach a certain temperature is no-no and has got to go. A huge culprit in this aspect is dust, debris and particulates in the system. A homeowner looking to prepare for the upcoming summer months should prioritize a thorough cleaning of their AC. The air filter in the unit is the fastest component that gets compromised, and it should be replaced well before the summer gets here so that the unit is not a risk for collecting additional dusts and debris which the filter easily sorts out. As an addendum to the cleanliness aspect of air conditioners, it is important to clean out the registers of the system. The conduits which allow air to pass from the ducts into your rooms easily get very dirty. Before each season (really every few months, in general) you should give them a proper cleaning by hand.

Another way to make life easier for your air conditioner is to augment it, meaning to take it beyond what you already have. For example, air conditioners waste a lot of energy attempting to cool an attic which is not even a used living space. A smart decision is to invest in an attic fan to allow your attic its own energy efficient and dependable cooling solution. This way your AC can focus on the parts of your home that really matter. Regularly scheduled tune up from a local certified HVAC professional will ensure that instead of paying for a large, unnecessary repair or replacement bill in the future, you can save with a smaller, more manageable maintenance bill. AC professionals can ensure a system stays in operation as long as necessary by keeping well maintained every year.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Rocklin, CA air conditioner, contact a recognized local HVAC expert – Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. We always accept calls and we are honored to help locals with their AC concerns. Call today at (916) 577-5020.

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