Camera Video Inspecting in Sacramento, CA

Camera Video Inspecting in Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Areas

Camera Video Inspecting in Sacramento, CA

Sewer Drain Video Inspection

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Expert Sewer & Drain Camera Inspection

Camera Video Inspecting equipment is very useful in various situations. It is almost impossible to locate the blocked spot in a drain or sewer pipe without this device. The camera inspection system lets you view everything inside the pipes clearly. You can view real time image feed on the device’s small screen. Within seconds, you will know the exact spot of the blockage. Once you have this information, you can take the right decision about repairs and replacements of plumbing items. Pipe video inspection is an easy process when right equipment are used. The inspection wire with a tiny camera and lighting at its front is inserted into the pipe. The inspection wire can go several feet inside the pipe. The camera is controlled from a small controlling unit that has a small screen to view everything inside the pipe.

Camera Video Pipe Inspection

Camera video inspecting helps check various things related to a pipe. You can check not only the blocked spot; you can also check collapsed, corroded, disjointed, and root infiltrated parts of the pipe. This unique, innovative, and useful inspection equipment helps you avoid breaking concrete, floors, and walls all over the length of the pipe just to find a small blockage. Once the problematic spot has been identified and located, only a small area around that spot is broken to fix the problem.

Inspect Before Remodeling

The video camera pipe inspection can be used to retrieve lost items as well. It is a useful service when you are planning to buy a new home. You can avoid buying a home that has damaged plumbing parts. You can ask the house seller to lower the quoted price if there are problems in the pipes. Video inspection of pipes is highly recommended before remodeling of your kitchen and bathroom. It will reveal problems that can be fixed at the same time as remodeling works. A simple pipe video inspection saves you lots of trouble in future. Call Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating & Air for this unique solution that saves you so much time, money, and energy. We provide services in all locations of Greater Sacramento and surrounding areas.


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