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November 24, 2016
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 Crystal Blue Plumbing is a family-owned and operated company with professional, friendly plumbers providing complete drain cleaning & plumbing services in Rocklin.

07 Rocklin Plumbing

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Below are some of the plumbing services / repairs we provide Rocklin, CA


We are the Rocklin repipe plumbers. Chances are you will never need another plumber after our Crystal Blue special (Water, gas & sewer repipe). This includes a lifetime warranty. We use Copper or Pex pipe depending on local city codes or preference.

Water Heaters
Water Heater installation, replacement, repairs and maintenance. Tankless water heaters and High efficiency water heaters. From leaky water heaters, to hot water heaters that won’t light or water heaters providing no hot water.


Water Softeners & Conditioners
Got hard water? Check out, a great alternate to water softeners. Their a third of the cost of traditional softeners, 100 % maintenance free & uses no salts or pellets. Environmentally Safe!


Gas Line Repairs and Replacements
From whole house gas line repairs to adding a line for a bar-b-cue, use Rocklin’s expert plumbers, call a Crystal Blue Plumber.


Rooter & Drain Clearing
Are your dishes floating? Clogs and Back-ups giving you problems? Rooter & Drain Cleaning, Clearing, Jetting, sewer line repairs & trenchless pipe replacements. We have Drain Clearing emergency rooter service available 24/7 days a week.


Plumbing Maintenance
We want to take plumbing emergencies out of your life. Be proactive and take control of your plumbing system. We offer three different types, Just Plumbing, Just HVAC or Plumbing & HVAC together.


Toilet Repairs & Installation
Toilet repairs- flapper replacement, fill valve and flush valve service. Round & Elongated Toilet repairs & installation. Commercial Toilets too.


Going Green Evaluation
Don’t get caught with an expensive water bill; Our professionally trained plumbers provide a detailed assessment of your home’s energy and water efficiency. We show Rocklin ways to live smarter for a greener tomorrow.

Pipe Leak Repairs
Emergency pipe leak repairs, pipe leaks outside, pipe leaks in the ceiling, pipe leaks in the walls we fix them all. Galvanized pipe, Copper pipe, Plastic or PVC pipe leaks we have your covered.


Appliance Installations
We are your superior local full service plumbing & Heating & Cooling company, have only professionals install your new appliances.


Pipe Location Services
Not sure where to dig? We can find it & tell you the depth to help lower your repair costs. Full Service leak detection services in Rocklin, Ca.


Garbage Disposals
We find out how you use the disposal and match the best system for you. Healthy and safe garbage disposer repairs and replacements. Garbage Disposal Tips


Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels
From small bathroom upgrades to full scale kitchen remodels let our 35 years of plumbing and contracting experience work for you. Being a licensed general contractor means you only have to deal with one contractor.


Faucet Repairs
Not sure you want to replace your faucet, our technicians can provide faucet repairs to most fixtures including bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and laundry faucets. Hose bib replacements as well.

Misc. Plumbing Services

We also repair & install sump pumps. sewage ejector pumps, Recirculation Pumps, Pot fillers, insta hot water systems and shower body sprayers.

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Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating & Air provides plumbing service & repairs to residences and businesses in Rocklin and surrounding communities.

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