Rocklin Hot Water Heater Repairs

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March 30, 2017
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Rocklin Hot Water Heater Repairs

Get Full Service Hot Water Heater Repairs in Rocklin, Ca. We provide free estimates on all water heater services, repairs, maintenance and replacement. You can count on Crystal Blue Plumbing using quality hot water heater brands for your installation and replacements. Our hot water heater technicians are professionally trained to provide your Rocklin home with your hot water requirements. We are available for those unwanted water heater emergencies 24/7. We Service all types of water heaters including gas, propane, electric, heat pump, direct vent, power vent and tankless. Get out of your cold shower and call Crystal Blue Plumbing.

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Complete hot water heater service & repairs since 1976.


Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating and Air

Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating and Air


Rocklin Hot Water Heater Services

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Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating and Air
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We service the entire Rocklin neighborhood, including: Whitney Oaks, Stanford Crossing, Whitney Ranch & Sunset Whitney. We can Provide same day water heater replacement & installation.


Below you will find more information about hot water heaters.

Regular Hot Water Heaters with Tanks

The capability of a water heater to meet peak demands for hot water is indicated by its “first hour rating.” This rating accounts for the effects of tank size and the speed by which cold water is heated. The energy efficiency of a water heater is indicated by its energy factor (EF), an overall efficiency based on the use of 64 gallons of hot water per day. The most efficient gas-fired water heaters have energy factors ranging from 0.58 to 0.65. The most efficient electric water heaters have energy factors ranging between 0.90 and 0.95. The higher the energy factor the more efficient the model.

Water heaters with high energy factor ratings may cost more initially but save energy and money in the long run. Eventually, they will pay for themselves through a lifetime of energy savings. We recommend using Bradford White, AO Smith, State, Rheem and Rudd water heaters, but we service and repair all types and brands of hot water heaters in Rocklin and surrounding areas.

Tankless Water Heaters (no tank)tankless-hot-water-heater

Tankless water heaters provide an unlimited amount of hot water. They do not get you hot water faster. You see the hot water still needs to travel to the demanding fixture just as with a tanked water heater. They major benefit of tank-less water heaters is they only heat the water when you need it. Saving you tons of cash with your water heating bills. Check out our tankless water heater video on our Crystal Blue Plumbing Tankless water heater page. Tankless water heater repairs and installation by plumbing professionals. For tankless water heater info: Rocklin Tankless Water Heaters


Rocklin Hot Water Heater Services

  • Whether for new building or a late add-in to the plumbing works, local providers of water heater repairs in Rocklin can surely offer the best and most reliable solutions. These experts will do the installation of the water heater you need. They can layout the heater system and/or tap into an already existing plumbing works without hassles. Backed with the right tools and equipment plus technologically advanced facilities, they can complete a job order in no time. Therefore, they are the real solutions to your water heater installation and services needs.


  • Repair and refurbishment. An irregularly working water heater can be repaired to work properly once again. This is a service that a local provider can offer without waiting time. By investing trust on these local experts, you get fast and efficient services while helping your community employ their own. More importantly, these people are well adept to the best practices in Rocklin so they can surely provide effective repair and refurbishment services.


  • When the problem with your water heater is already irreparable, there is no other solution but replacement. This need is rather immediate and cannot wait for some service providers who will travel miles and miles just to get to your place. It is not practical and can really be expensive, especially if there are Rocklin locals who have the same expertise and experience. Opting for a Rocklin Water Heater service provider can save you time, effort, and hard earned money for the same effective solution and expected result.


  • Consultation and recommendation. At the first sign of irregularity with your water heater, the first thing that comes up the mind is getting the professional advice of the experts on this particular system. You do not need to go far because the right people for the task are just in the same locality. You can get consultation, their recommendation, and even quotes for free.


Indeed, Rocklin hot water heater repairs are never an issue because of the local expert Crystal Blue Plumbing. We are available for these types of water heater services. Simply look for your friendly neighbor hood plumber, Crystal Blue who can work on your Rocklin hot water heaters. We may be right next to you or just a few clicks on the mouse.




Water Heater Repairs, Replacement & Emergency Service,

a live representative is available 24/7.


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