Toilet and Faucet Repairs & Replacement in Sacramento, CA

Toilet and Faucet Repairs & Replacement in Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Areas

Toilet and Faucet Repairs & Replacement


Complete plumbing Services – Toilet & Faucet Repairs Replacement & Installation. Free Estimates, Expert plumbers & Quality Brands.

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Toilet and faucet repairs & replacement are just a few plumbing services we offer you and your family. Your little one has become a bit of a Houdini with managing to break things in new and unique ways that leave you wondering, “How the heck do I fix that?” Here at Crystal Blue Plumbing, we have the answer to that question. We have genuinely seen it all, but even if your little one has managed to come up with some grand new way to break your toilet or hinder your faucet, we are the toilet and faucet repairs & replacement team who just so happen to be dads too. From dinosaurs halfway down the pipe system to faucets caked on with Play Doh and some other mystery green stuff, we speak fluent kid and fixing things is our native language.

We are BBB Accredited!

The Better Business Bureau loves us and we are fully BBB accredited. Because of the nature of our business, another kind of BBB loves us too… Blocks, Barbies and Bingo Balls that get stuck in the drain or the potty. Our job may not save lives… but it has saved quite the many toys.

Experienced Plumber Repair

Since the dinosaurs roamed the earth… ok… since 1976, we have faithfully served Sacramento, Auburn, and Foothill California as well as the surrounding areas. (Hey, in kid years, that is basically the same difference.)

We are the “Best of the Best.”

We do not like to brag or anything, but if someone else says it… is that really bragging? We hope not because we have been awarded the “Best of the Best” award for 5 years in a row now. We tell anyone who will listen. Really, it’s embarrassing. We really are humble people. We are just super proud of our hard work! When your little one manages to find new ways to break your stuff, we are the toilet and faucet repairs & replacement that is always there for you 24/7.

Quality Brands

Kohler Toilets, Toto Toilets, American Standard Toilets

Kohler Faucets, Delta Faucets, Price Pfister Faucets.



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Toilet and Faucet Repairs & Replacement in Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Areas!