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November 22, 2016
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Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating And Air Sacramento CA have been providing quality service to the community since 1976.

Why We Are The Best Choice

We are a licensed general contractor.  We boast a  staff filled with qualified technicians who are able to attend to any plumbing problem that may be plaguing you. Our elite staff have been rewarded numerous times for their excellence and our customer service is the best in the business. We pride ourselves on showing our customers that we really do care.

Plumbing Woes

Plumbing can be a headache if not installed correctly or maintained. I am sure you may have experienced the irritation of a leaking tap or running toilet  or felt your heart sink as you flush and the water just continues to rise. You close the lid hoping the water will disappear but instead it streams over the sides like a waterfall. Our service staff are on call 24/7 and you are guaranteed that you will speak to a consultant. We don’t believe in automated messages and take a hands on approach with our customers. Your emergency is treated as that, an emergency.

We are the number one drain cleaning plumber Sacramento CA. We understand how frustrating blocked drains can be and what a health hazard they can become. We are well aware of the high costs that can accumulate when taking into consideration water damage which may occur. We act quickly to offer efficient service day or night. Emergencies unfortunately don’t have schedules or time limits and neither should we.

Don’t allow your plumbing woes to be a cause for concern, call us today. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating And Air Sacramento CA. (916)577-5020 and speak to one of our friendly, efficient, trained technicians and you can rest assured that your problems will be flushed and forgotten.

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