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Professional Plumbers in Sacramento, CA

Indoor plumbing is proverbial for convenience and every day modern living. But homeowners can often take their plumbing for granted, and when they need plumbing services, they’ll often turn to an inexperienced “handyman” rather than professional plumbing contractor to take on the job. Or worse, they’ll try to do it themselves! Trust us when we tell you that you never want to have anyone other than a professional plumber to work on your household plumbing system. Not only will professional plumbers get the job done right the first time, but you’ll avoid potential problems with leaks, water waste, and building damage.

If you’re looking for a great plumbing contractor in Sacramento, CA or the surrounding areas, Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air is the company for you. Our motto is “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!” You’re not only getting work from superb licensed plumbers, you’re getting service from people who are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Jobs Our Plumbers Can Do for Your Home in Sacramento, CA

If you look around our website, you’ll discover we provide an immense range of residential plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers are trained to see you receive the exact work you need, and that you’re 100% satisfied. Here are some of the jobs you can entrust to us:

  • Emergency plumbing: Major plumbing troubles rarely pick convenient times to strike. And since customer service is our #1 priority, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing help for those desperate times.
  • Repiping: Pipes are the veins and arteries of a house’s plumbing system. And sometimes, old pipes need to be replaced with new ones. We can handle repiping fast and right.
  • Water leak detection: Leaks are one of the common concerns with home plumbing, but it takes special skill and the finest equipment to find those leaks. When you call on us, we’ll locate those leaks (including slab leaks) and have them fixed.
  • Drain and sewer cleaning: This is one we specialize in. We have our own "Sacramento Rooter" division to help clear clogs and keep drains clean.
  • Trenchless technology: This isn’t so much a job as it is a special type of process that can make jobs such as sewer line repair and water line replacement faster and less costly.

A Plumbing Contractor Offering the Customer Service You Deserve

The list of services above is incomplete. It can’t be anything else, since our plumbers are always finding new ways to help our customers with their household plumbing systems. You only have to call us and ask about it, and we’ll be there to see the job gets done.

Since Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air was founded in 1976, everyone here has followed a strict code of ethics to ensure customers receive only the finest service. We don’t want to be just the plumbing contractor you call when you have a repair need, like a leaky faucet or busted pipe. We want to be your partner for the future! We’re looking to make you into a lifetime customer who relies on us for plumbing jobs both large and small in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.