Pipe Leak Repairs

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February 18, 2013
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Pipe Leak Repairs

Pipe leak repairs could be simple like repairing the tiny line to the ice maker or repairing a sewer drain in your home.

As licensed plumbing contractors, repairing all types of pipe leaks has been a mainstay of our business for more then 35 years.


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Most pipe leaks can be a serious problem and result in big damages to your home. Even small leaks, left undetected, can damage the home’s structure and create unwanted hazards. We provide fast plumbing solutions at a competitive price.

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Sewer Leaks-

When cracked, collapsed or broken, failure to do pipe leak repairs on sewer lines can cause environmental issues as well as drainage issues. With sewer drain leaks, health is always a major concern. In addition there can be a huge financial burden to a homeowner when sewer lines are corroding and cracking.

Drain Leaks-

We not only clear blocked drains, but we also fix them when they leak. We can repipe the your complete drainage system or replace a small section that is leaking or broken. If you suspect that you have a leak under the sidewalk or driveway, we provide many options for repairs.

Water Pipe Leaks-

Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating and AirWhether you have copper water pipes or pex piping in your home both can have leaks. Copper water pipes can develop leaks at soldered joints or pin holes can develop from chemical corrosion, nail holes, or freeze breaks. Pex also can develop leaks from nails, kinks, Critter bites and loose connections. Older homes most likely will have galvanized pipe. If your home is older than 20 years and you have galvanized pipe, the life span of this pipe has expired, consider repiping your home as soon as possible.

Outdoor Faucet Leaks-

Hose bibs, outdoor kitchens & outdoor showers all can suffer pipe leaks. When winter temperatures drop near or below freezing, pipe bursts or cracked fixtures can be very disruptive. Exposure to the outdoor weather elements can cause fixtures and hose bibs to wear and break prior to their expected life spans. Expect to replace hose bibs and outdoor fixtures sooner than indoor plumbing fixtures

Water Heater Leaks-

Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating and AirWater heater leaks can come from four different areas. The pipe supply’s at the top of the water heater, the drain port at the bottom of the water heater, the temperature & pressure relief valve and the water heater tank itself. Coming home to find any of these parts of your water heater leaking is never a good thing. Flush your water heater once a year and do a visual inspection of these items. We provide complete water heater services.

Gas/ Propane Leaks-

Smell Gas? If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, immediately shut off the gas and open all the windows. Quickly exit your home or office. Call your gas provider and or a licensed gas leak professional to come and perform a gas leak search.

When it comes to gas leaks, your safety is our priority. With over 35 years of experience of gas fitting services covering a range of residential and commercial customers, we’re licensed and insured to help you with all aspects of natural gas & propane leak repairs, replacement and new installations.

Hire a Professional, all gas line work is dangerous. It is very important to only have a licensed and insured gas fitting service perform any natural gas leak repairs work at your home or business.

Remember, a great way to prevent pipe leaks is with our routine pipe inspections & plumbing evaluations that allow us to find problems before they occur.

For all your Plumbing Emergencies,

a live representative will be available 24/7.


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