Lincoln Rooter & Drain Cleaning

Lincoln Rooter and Drain Clearing Crystal Blue PlumbingLincoln Rooter in Lincoln, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Does your home in Lincoln CA have a consistent drainage problem? Like clogged toilet or kitchen drain and consequently, sewer back ups numerous times in just a year? It is high time to call Crystal Blue Plumbing in Lincoln CA. Their expertise is essential if you are dealing with the most disturbing sewer back up due to clogged drains. Initially, they conduct a visual inspection of the problematic pipe, make an assessment and bring their hydrojetting equipment.

Hydrojet equipment used for stubborn sewer back up works like a power washer but under a much higher pressure. It has a special pump that is responsible for sending the water under high pressure towards the jet nozzles which in turn will blast all the clogs inside. The jet nozzles are operating under thousands of pounds per square inch or PSI in a narrow stream which ensures that obstructions build up will be washed away. The loosened debris will then be flush out by the water as the jets dig deeper.

Crystal Blue Plumbing in Lincoln CA hydro jetting services is more thorough as compared to the traditional snake draining. The former is more effective when it comes to heavy build ups of grimes and grease. Those home owners who uses only the standard cleaning of drain, will at most poke hole in the entire clogged. While this can provide temporary relief, eventually that small hole will be filled up fairly quick, then you will be back to the same disappointing scenario of a clogged drain.

However, with Crystal Blue Plumbing in Lincoln CA hydro jetting, all build up will be washed away. It easily breaks up even the toughest cause of clogging in the sewer line, tree roots. Snaking will rarely address issues like silt and sand, while hydro jetting will easily flush it out. Because it utilizes high pressure, it can even remove minerals and scale and will leave a very smooth pipe surface. Consequently, the smooth surface will unlikely accumulate grease and trap debris again.

As compared to the traditional plumbing service that uses chemicals or the use of power drain snaking, hydrojet will not cause damage to the pipes. As known to drain plumbers, the use of drain snakes can accidentally cause the pipe to crack and owners might just find themselves looking for replacement. Also, the use of chemicals softens the PVC pipes. While in hydro jetting, only water will be used.

Once the Crystal Blue Plumbing in Lincoln CA have their equipment all set, they will clean the sewer line in tits full length. The sewer lines and drain pipes will be back to its original condition and you will not have any problems with drain clogging for the longest time. Since the drainage are res-establish, it will take a while before you will need the next drainage system service. You are back to having drains with capacity of full flow and the shower, sink, toilet and tubs are quick draining again.