Kitech Plumbing Problems in Sacramento, Northern California

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January 9, 2016
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March 9, 2016
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Ki Tec Plumbing Problems in Sacramento/ Northern California

What is Ki-tec?


aluminium PipeKitec plumbing consists of flexible aluminum pipe between an inner and outer layer of plastic pipe (PEX pipe) with brass fittings. Marketed as a cheaper and easy-to-install alternative to copper piping, Kitec was sold between 1995 and 2007 for potable water (hot & cold water lines), in-floor, and hot-water baseboard heating systems. The sizing of the pipe require fittings from its own manufacturer, IPEX, and these fittings were made with a high zinc content that caused dezinctifying in situations with aggressive water conditions. This in turn could either restrict water pressure or cause the fittings to fail completely, causing flooding and water damage to homes.

Sacramento Ki-tec

Do homes in the Sacramento area have Kitec pipe?

Yes, some of the homes in Sacramento, Folsom, Granite Bay, Roseville, Placerville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn and Citrus Heights do have Kitec Pipe.

How to I tell if I have Kitec Piping?

Kitec pipingIdentification of Kitec plumbing should be performed by a qualified plumber.

The proper way to determine whether your home has a Kitec plumbing system is to have a qualified plumber inspect your home. In many cases it may be necessary to make drywall penetrations to determine what type of plumbing is installed.

It is believed that the only adequate repair method is a complete re-plumb of both the hot and cold water lines of your home. Generally, a full re-plumb takes approximately (3-5) days for most homes to be completed and does not require relocation.

Additional Kitec News and Information

The Ki Tec claims filing deadline is January 9th, 2020 which is 8 years from the effective date of the settlement.

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