How to Identify Kitec Pipe?

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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How to Identify Kitec Pipe?

Kitec Pipe Basics

  • Kitec Pipe Canadian Based Company (IPEX)
  • In Homes built from mid to late 1990’s until 2007* (reported cases)
  • Problem #1 Fittings have over 38% zinc to brass causing corrosion, build up, and pipe bursts.
  • Problem #2 Pipe connections are vulnerable to moisture, condensation and water contact to aluminum entering pipe sleeve. Causing damage to pipe not just to the fitting.
  • Problem #3 Too much variance with inner plastic sleeve allowing easy break down in thinner areas, exposing aluminum to direct contact with water causing corrosion and burst pipes.
  • Expect home inspectors to report this

How to Identify

There may be a number of clues to determine if your home is plumbed with KITEC lines, however there is no substitute for an assessment by a licensed plumber:

  • In some cases, a notice may be found on the electrical panel stating that Kitec was used in the home and that the electrical system should not be grounded to it.
  • Look for the series of orange and blue pipes (although other colours were also used) in visible areas of the home (near the water heater or under sinks are good places to look)
  • Look for the letters KITEC or KTC stamped on the brass fittings.
  • The plumbing lines may be labelled with the word Kitec.
  • Assessment by a licensed plumber ( Plumbers with Kitec experience)

What to know

  • Selling Your Home?
    If you or the seller has filed a Claim Form, you must advise potential buyers and/or subsequent owners that there is a claim and the terms of the release (as disclosed in the Agreement).
  • Insurance issue? Some insurance companies are not willing to write insurance policies on a home with Kitec
  • Legal Notes:
    The laws regarding the disclosure of information to potential buyers vary depending on the state.A settlement fund of $125 million (all figures U.S.) was established, with $25 million going to the lawyers in Canada and the U.S., and $100 million being set aside for claimants who have until January, 2020 to file.Homes with damage from kitec are eligible to file claim until January 9th, 2020 Homes with kitec, but no damage can file claim but will only be eligible If there are sufficient funds remaining at the end of the claims filing period.

For More Info:

It’s not a matter of if it will leak, It’s only a matter of when your kitec pipe will leak!

Repair vs. Replace

We only recommend full replacement because of the 2 part problem. We will not just replace fittings.

Don’t just use any service company, use a plumber experienced with kitech repipes.

Check references

Get multiple bids (though cheapest is not your best option in most cases)

Ask about floor, wall and cabinet protection

Ask about cleaning once job is complete.

Ask who does the sheet rock/painting repairs

Remember 1 story is actually harder and usually more expensive than a 2 story.

Usually Kitchen Island sinks will cost more .

For more information & or a free estimate for your kitec pipe replacement you can contact:

Repipe Picture – Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating AirCrystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air

3129 Swetzer Rd

Loomis, Ca. 95650



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