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Radiant Heating Systems in Sacramento, CA

Furnaces and heat pumps work through forced-air heating. This means they raise the temperature of air and then blow the air out through ductwork and vents to distribute it around a house or other building. There’s another way to provide heat for a building, and that’s through radiant heating. Instead of transporting heat through the air, radiant heating raises the temperature of objects inside rooms, which then radiate heat waves from their surfaces to warm other objects (such as people) as they contact them. Radiant heating offers some advantages when installed as an in-floor heating system.

To learn more about options for in-floor radiant heating in Sacramento, CA, or to arrange for repairs and other services for a radiant heater, call on Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’re a trustworthy and reliable company who aims to deliver the customer service you deserve.

The Types of Radiant Heaters

There are a variety of ways for radiant heaters to work. Most are hydronic systems: water is heated in a boiler and then pumped through pipes to terminal points in the rooms. These terminal points are often radiators and baseboard heaters.

One method that is growing in popularity is radiant heating through elements placed in a subfloor. Hot water pipes in the floors spread heat up through the floorboard, sending heat into the room from below. More homes today are constructed with in–floor heating. This type of radiant–heating can also be done with electrical elements in the floor, although this is less cost–effective than using a boiler–based system.

Why Consider In–Floor Radiant Heating

In–floor heating is growing in popularity for some excellent reasons:

  • Energy efficient: Like any hydronic system, in–floor radiant heating is energy efficient because water is a better heat transference medium than air. But in–floor heating has even better efficiency because it delivers heat to a room faster, emanating from the bottom of the room to warm it quickly. This means the heating system won’t need to work as hard—or as often—to maintain great comfort.
  • It spreads heat evenly: When heat rises from the floor, it creates an even spread of comfort with few cold spots. With a furnace or heat pump, air is blown out to gather first at the ceiling.
  • It feels great: You’d have to experience it yourself to understand just how cozy in–floor heating feels compared to a standard furnace or heat pump. It’s like the sun on a bright summer day—and that feels wonderful on a chilly winter morning.

Radiant Heating Service in Sacramento, CA

Installing in–floor radiant heating is best done as part of home construction. However, homes that already use a boiler system can be retro–fit to enjoy the many benefits of in–floor heating. The easiest way to find out how to enjoy radiant heating in your house is to contact Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. We not only install excellent radiant heaters (and other types of home heating systems), we also offer complete repair, replacement, and maintenance services to keep them running.

We’re the company to contact for all your comfort needs in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. Our motto is: "Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!"