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Furnace Repairs, Service & Installation

furnace-repair-service-Crystal Blue Heating

Have you noticed your furnace is not working as well as it used to? Call Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air, your furnace repair specialists now to have your furnace properly maintained and repaired before the cold season begins. Factory Trained Technicians trained for most furnace brands.




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Our qualified Heating & Cooling technicians have the experience, skills and tools to solve your Heating issues right the first time.  Crystal Blue heating technicians will quickly diagnose your heating system problem, and offer the right solutions to get your heating system up and running in no time.

We provide Heating & Cooling service for both Residential & Commercial Including Facility Maintenance.

 Below, you will find some information with Furnace Repairs, Maintenance  & Installation.  


Clogged / Dirty Furnace Filters

Dirty or Clogged filters are the number one problem with furnace malfunctions. When you have dirty filters, the air flow becomes air-filters-clean and dirtyrestricted, which causes your furnace to work harder to move warm air throughout your home. This creates unwanted strain on the furnace and will cause unnecessary wear and tear. The important thing with filters is watching the air flow direction. There’s always an arrow that tells us which way the air should flow through the furnace. Regular monthly filter changes will extend the life and improve the efficiency of your furnace. With the right furnace filter you can help to keep your furnace running more efficient, add longevity all while making the air in your home healthier. You can find HEPA, Pleated, Electrostatic and Activated Carbon filters at most box stores. Each of these types of filters is designed to clean dust, dirt and debris from the air stream that passes through your heating system, and some furnace filters are specifically designed for allergens, pet allergens or harm full chemicals.

Please remember:

  1. Change your filter regularly if it’s a disposable kind.
  2. Clean it if it’s permanent style HVAC filter.

When Furnace filters are used as part of an overall strategy, furnace filters are an effective way to minimize the allergens in your Home.

Scheduled Furnace Maintenance

You have heard the expression “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Regular furnace maintenance keeps your HVAC technicians away. furnace-Maintenance- Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  AirSo if you don’t want unexpected break downs, higher heating bills, or a furnace that just isn’t providing quality heat; have your furnace serviced at least once a year. All furnaces contain a substantial amount of mechanical parts that are essential to allowing correct operation of your furnace. As with most moving parts in any application normal wear and tear is always a concern. Your furnace has belts, bearings, switches and motors that if not maintained can cause poor heating and air flow issues. Without simple furnace maintenance your unit can become dirty and not work as it is designed too. Remember a regular maintained furnace will out-perform a dirty non-tuned up furnace. We recommend having your furnace cleaned and maintenance at least once a year by a professional HVAC company to extend the lifespan as well as improve performance and maximize the furnace efficiency. A furnace that runs efficiently uses less energy, so when you are using less energy, you are spending less.

Furnace Thermostat Problems

Always check the thermostat battery before calling for furnace repairs. To check on a new digital thermostat, you will find a battery indicator on the display. On older thermostats you will have to replace the battery to find out. Thermostat upgrades- Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  AirOn most thermostats the face plate just snaps off. If you feel like you are forcing it, you may want to look for these: A release point from the wall plate on the bottom and then the top. Some may have tabs at the bottom to press in, and some may have screws you need to loosen first. With all thermostats follow the manufacturer’s instructions and replace the battery with an appropriate size. Some Furnace Thermostats you are not able to replace the battery. If you see no display at all, check the power to the furnace. This particular thermostat has a sealed battery in it, and it’s not replaceable.
After checking the battery and the power supply and you are still having thermostat issues, most likely you are going to have to replace the thermostat. Contact Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air for a complete and thorough thermostat diagnosis.

Mismatching Furnace and Thermostat

Your home’s gas furnace needs to be paired with the correct thermostat to work properly. Digital thermostats- Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  AirThermostats have to be matched to the system based on the type or brand of furnace that’s used based on the units capabilities. With DIY’s and the access to home box stores we see many mismatched thermostats to their furnaces. Causing a furnace to not perform correctly or not work at all. To make sure you’re going to have a thermostat that matches your system, have one of our professionally trained technicians install a thermostat matched to your furnace and more importantly matched to how you utilize the heating system designed for your home.

Furnace Pilot lights, Switches & Fuses

The most common Furnace repair is no pilot light, usually caused by a failed thermocouple, a strong draft, or a clogged orifice to the gas supply to the pilot light. The thermocoupleFurnace-pilot-burners-Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  Air is a piece of the pilot system that provides the flame to the gas valve and allows gas to flow, as long as there’s a flame sensed. Now days, newer more modern furnaces don’t require a standing pilot light anymore. If your newer furnace may not appear to be providing any heat, check that the power switch is on. If it is, check the master switch and circuit breaker or fuse. There’s a possibility that the electrical system may have overloaded. Please keep in mind with any type of Fuses, Breakers, Pilot system or electrical issues related to your furnace’s heating system we only recommend having a Heating & Cooling professional properly inspect it.

Electronic Ignition Furnace Problems

Newer furnaces do not rely on a standing pilot to ignite the gas burners. Electronic ignition occurs typically in one of two ways, intermittent electronic-ignition-furnace-repairs-Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  Airpilot, or hot surface ignition. The intermittent pilot system uses an electronically controlled high voltage electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot & then subsequently the main burners, when the thermostat calls for heat. The hot surface ignition system uses an electronically controlled resistance heating element similar to a light bulb filament to ignite the gas burner. To help maintain your furnace equipment, lasting longer, safer and lower energy cost always have a Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air technician inspect your Furnace ignition issues.

Furnace Has a Noisy Operation

Can it be any louder? Do your neighbors turn up their TV to drown out the sound of your furnace? Insert your Squeaks, rattles, and rumbles here: A noisy Furnace can be annoying and un-comforting at the same time. If you’re furnace is noisy, it’s the alarm you need to hear. A squeaky furnace can be related to a motor failing or just making noise. Squeaks andNoisy furnace solutions- Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  Air squeals can also happen from air leaks. There can be a leak in the duct work or around the furnace somewhere. Something as simple as a door being out of alignment can cause a squeal or a squeak in your furnace. Rumbling and rattling can be caused by an out of balance blower wheel. Knowing a little bit about your heating system, as a homeowner you can hear the system operating in an unusual way, they can have us come out and take care of it before it becomes a bigger issue.

Furnace Blower Does Not Turn Off

First check if the fan switch on the thermostat reads Auto. This means that the fan should only be running to try to heat or cool the home to Furnace Blower Repairs Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  Airtry to match the thermostat setting. If you see the thermostat fan switch set to on, or low, medium, or high, then you’re going to have continuous fan operation. The next thing to look at is your furnace filter. If you have a clogged filter, it may have caused damage to the limit switch. What the limit switch does is it senses the temperature inside the furnace. If the filter has been clogged for too long, then it may have damaged that switch to the point where it needs to be replaced. Every furnace is a little bit different. Some of them have more than one limit, and some of the limits look very different. If that limit switch is failed, it’s very important to find the source of why it failed and not just replace the switch. It’s a very important safety issue so have a quality HVAC professional service your furnace.

Furnace Cycles On & Off

Why does my furnace keep coming on and off? This is often called short cycling, which requires more electricity and drives up utility bills. Short cycling is usually caused by an overheated furnace, which triggers safety mechanisms and shuts down the furnace. After a brief time period of cooling down, the furnace starts up again, and then the cycle keeps repeating itself. Not only is this annoying, it can be an alarm to a more serious problem. Furnace-cracked-heat-exchanger-Solutions-Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  AirVERY IMPORTANT…A leaking heat exchanger can cause a furnace to overheat – and produce deadly carbon monoxide gas. If your furnace is working too hard and overheating, it is could be caused of bad airflow in and out. Your home’s ventilation system needs to be clear of dirt, dust, and debris. The more blockages in your ductwork and vents, the more friction is created, slowing down airflow and ultimately ending with an overworked furnace that continues to cycle on and off. The blockage may also be coming from a clogged furnace filter. You should clean or replace your furnace filter after a visual inspection reveals any type of build-up of dust or dirt. If you have a two-speed fan on your furnace, we recommend that you run the fan in low speed during the winter and high speed in the summer. Don’t make your furnace work any harder and keep your home’s occupants comfortable and safe, call a qualified heating and cooling contractor and schedule a furnace inspection.

Furnace Does Not Get Hot Enough

One of the most common issues when your system is not getting hot enough is a clogged filter. It’s very important that you check your filters regularly and change them frequently for good furnace operation and best efficiency. frozen pipes sacramentoThe second possibility is that your furnace was not sized properly, meaning that it doesn’t have enough capacity to keep the home warm. The Ventilation system could be out of balanced as well. Another possibility, though it’s pretty rare, could be that your burners could be clogged to the point where it’s not allowing the furnace to create enough heat and meet its full capacity. While the system is on, put your hand in front of the vents and if you feel no air blowing, you could have a block in the ventilation. If you feel no air on all the vents you may have a faulty blower or the heating system may not be set properly. For proper diagnosis call your experienced Furnace repair specialist Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air.

No Heat from Furnace

No heat from your furnace could be caused by numerous things, but we find these to be common culprits. Start easy check that the No Heat-Call Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating  Airthermostat is adjusted properly, seems to easy right? We have gone out on many calls to find either the thermostat to the furnace is off, set to low or a dead battery. Next check to see if your thermostat is working; adjust the temp up and down to see if it comes on, you could just have a bad thermostat if it does not come on. Next check to make sure the gas going to the furnace is on. Lastly we recommend checking the breaker and fuses to make sure you’re getting power to the unit. Still no heat its best to contact professionally trained HVAC technician to solve your heating issues.




On Site Assurance

When considering a company to employ for your furnace repair, one should look at the benefit of on-sight repair versus removal of system components. satisfaction-smWhile removal of parts involves a time-frame for transport and repair, most customers require immediate relief for their heating dilemma; on-sight repair ensures the benefit of quality service and the peace of mind from witnessing hands-on results. Another advantage of on-sight repair is summed up in the word assurance. Should a minor detail cause system malfunction or inoperative components, the technician is able to resolve the issue completely before leaving your home. The reasons aforementioned and more detail the benefit of on-sight furnace repair. Give the pros at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air a call today for your furnace repairs!

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Have you noticed your furnace is not working as well as it used to? Call Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air, your Sacramento furnace repair specialists now to have your furnace properly maintained and repaired before the cold season begins!


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