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January 3, 2017
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Furnace Cycles On & Off

Furnace Cracked Heat ExchangerWhy does my furnace keep coming on and off? This is often called short cycling, which requires more electricity and drives up utility bills. Short cycling is usually caused by an overheated furnace, which triggers safety mechanisms and shuts down the furnace. After a brief time period of cooling down, the furnace starts up again, and then the cycle keeps repeating itself. Not only is this annoying, it can be an alarm to a more serious problem. VERY IMPORTANT…A leaking heat exchanger can cause a furnace to overheat – and produce deadly carbon monoxide gas. If your furnace is working too hard and overheating, it is could be caused of bad airflow in and out. Your home’s ventilation system needs to be clear of dirt, dust, and debris. The more blockages in your ductwork and vents, the more friction is created, slowing down airflow and ultimately ending with an overworked furnace that continues to cycle on and off. The blockage may also be coming from a clogged furnace filter. You should clean or replace your furnace filter after a visual inspection reveals any type of build-up of dust or dirt. If you have a two-speed fan on your furnace, we recommend that you run the fan in low speed during the winter and high speed in the summer. Don’t make your furnace work any harder and keep your home’s occupants comfortable and safe, call a qualified heating and cooling contractor and schedule a furnace inspection.

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