Energy-Efficient Home Heating Systems: Get the Basics

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December 30, 2016
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Heating System

The only way to cope up with change is to adapt to it. With the advancement of technology at hand, people have been more comfortable now in adapting to unavoidable climate seasons. For places with dry and cold winter climates, each home is already equipped with a heating system. That’s convenient enough, but, out of all types of heating systems, is yours energy-efficient?

Here are the essential know-what’s of installing energy-efficient home heating systems.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)

One way of quantifying the efficiency of your heating system at home is through the AFUE. This is the measure of the annual energy output of your heating system out of its consumed energy from the fuel source. In other words, AFUE measures the overall energy performance of your heater. If your heater has an AFUE of 90%, only 90% of the energy produced is used. The remaining 10% is wasted. The most efficient heating systems are the furnaces and boilers with an AFUE rating between 95 and 100% for indoor use. Basically, the higher the AFUE, the lesser heat loss, which is worth every dollar you pay for the bills.

Professional Installation

The AFUE only measures the heater performance, not the heating system performance. In reality, about 35% of the energy is lost along the duct system and the pipelines. To increase efficiency, you must have professional experts plan on the piping system of your homes. For instance, we at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air® offer heater installation service Roseville CA done by skilled, trustworthy and reliable HVAC technicians. With our technical knowledge and years of experience, we are more than capable of increasing your heating system’s energy efficiency and, at the same time, ensuring safety to your homes.


During the day, you could open the windows to let the sun’s heat inside. At night, drape your windows with insulated curtains or use insulated doors and windows to keep the heat inside. Locate for possible routes of heated air escape and make sure to fill out those gaps.

Heating System

Annual Maintenance

With regular use over the year, your furnace or the duct system are susceptible to deterioration. To extend the life expectancy of your heating system, schedule a maintenance cleaning twice a year or once, at least. HVAC technicians will check up the duct system for leakages and change the air filters that have clogged up with dirt over time. This would also make sure that the air circulating in your homes is clean.

An energy-efficient home heating system must therefore have a high annual fuel utilization efficiency, properly installed by skilled experts, less susceptible to heat loss through back-up room insulation and must give long and satisfying machine service proportional to the amount of what you pay for your bills.

If you are looking for professional help for heater repair, heater maintenance, or heater installation service Roseville CA, Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air® is at your service. Whether you wish to install in your homes, commercial buildings or apartment complexes, our competent technicians are up to the challenge. Contact us at (916) 577-5020, and our heater installation service Roseville CA available 24/7 to help you.

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