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Sewer Lines in Sacramento, CA

The sewer line serving your home is a part of the plumbing you probably don’t think about that much. Who would want to dwell on the removal of waste from their home? As long as it’s hygienically doing its job, people usually don’t care much how the sewer system works.

However, you may at some time need sewer pipe repair, or even full sewer line replacement. If you allow problems with a sewer line to remain, the consequences for your home can be disastrous! Only licensed and trained professional plumbers can provide the sewer repair and other services to ensure you have a trouble-free plumbing system in your house. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air is the contractor to turn to for these jobs and many more in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. Protecting our customers’ homes is our #1 priority!

How to Tell You Need Sewer Pipe Repair

A sewer pipe is buried in a trench, kept out of sight. Should the pipe develop issues such as leaks due to corrosion or blockage from tree roots growing into it (a common trouble), you may not at first notice it. But there are warning signs to watch for that will tell you it’s time for sewer repair for your property:

  • Soggy, bad smelling patches on the lawn: If the sewer line begins leaking, sewage will start to rise up through the ground and create damp, bad–smelling patches on your lawn and garden.
  • Sewage odors from the drains: A single drain emitting an unpleasant odor often means organic build–up in the drain. But if more than one drain starts to do this, it warns of a deeper issue in the sewer line.
  • Water spots around basement drains: If sewage starts to back–up inside the sewer pipe, the lowest parts of the house will be affected first. Water spots around floor drains often mean there are sewer line problems.
  • Gurgling drains: You pour water down the drains, and then hear an odd gurgling sound. Is this happening to more than one drain? Call for plumbers, quick, because sewage is starting to back up in the drains around the house.

Handling a Sewer Line Replacement

Sometimes a sewer line may be so damaged or so corroded that sewer repair won’t take care of the problem. It’s time for sewer replacement. This is a large task—one of the biggest that residential plumbers can take on. But when you work with the best technicians using advanced equipment, the sewer replacement should go smoothly and take only a few hours.

One of the reasons you should contact our team to handle a sewer line replacement is because we use the best in trenchless technology. This allows us to install a new sewer line without tearing up parts of your property and taking up a few days. You’ll have a job that’s not only done better, but done faster and at less cost.

Sewer Repair and Other Sewer Services in Sacramento, CA from the Pros

You don’t want to risk sewer line replacement or smaller repairs to any plumbing contractor but the best. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air is known throughout the Sacramento, CA area as a trustworthy, reliable, and friendly company. We’ve worked hard for this reputation since 1976 when we first started in business, which is why our motto is "Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!" We’re here both for your repairs today and your planning for the future—we want to make you a customer for life!