Why You Should Consider Having Whole House Fans and Attic Fans Installed

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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Why You Should Consider Having Whole House Fans and Attic Fans Installed

Why whole house fans and attic fans are worth it


Energy efficiency is on the top of every budget conscious homeowner. One way to ease the high cost of cooling your home is to utilize a whole house exhaust fan system. By purging your home of unwanted stagnant, warm air, you can enjoy a much cooler day without having to turn on that expensive cooling system.

Any time that passive cooling can be implemented into a home, the high cost of electrical bills can be avoided. Passive venting or cooling might entail such strategies as opening your windows or adding high low vents to your attic. This allows nature to do the work by convection. When it is time to cool the house, some homeowners are careful about security by not opening windows during the cool night time. In this event, the addition of a whole house ventilator can achieve a similar cooling affect at a minimal cost for equipment and operation.

Fans can be located in the highest part of the ceilings in your home where warm air tends to gather. By opening the windows in the early morning hours, say 5am-8am depending on your climate, homeowners are able to turn on the whole house fan and exhaust out the warm air in a relatively short amount of time.

It will take several complete exchanges of air to cool down the structure and lose that heat that was gained the day before. Whole house fans are generally rated by cubic feet per minute. Size your fan by this simple calculation and then determine the number of times this volume should be exhausted. Take your floor square footage and multiply by the average ceiling height. A simple home might be 2000 square feet with a ceiling height of 9 feet. This calculates to 18,000 cubic feet. A fan rated at 1500CFM will require approximately 12 minutes to remove all the air one time.

By running this fan for one hour, a homeowner can cool their house in the morning and enjoy a much cooler day. The cost of running this fan may be as little as 10 cents, while the cost of running an air conditioner later in the day could be a dollar or two. Enjoy the benefits of nature by using your whole house fan and save money while doing it.

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