Why You Should Consider Ductless Mini Splits To Cool Your Home

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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Why You Should Consider Ductless Mini Splits To Cool Your Home

Ductless Mini Splits

There are many benefits to installing mini-split air conditioners for cooling your home. They have many beneficial applications from commercial to residential use. They are great additions as ‘retrofits’ for building with systems that are non-ducted. These would be the radiant panels, hydroponic, or space heaters.

The first is that they are much easier to install than the traditional central air conditioning system. They can also deliver zoned air conditioning that does not require ducting. They also eliminate an entry point for burglars like many of the more traditional air conditioners/heat pumps.

They are small in size and very flexible in terms of zoning or heating/cooling in individual rooms. Each zone in one of these systems has its own thermostat. That means only having to condition that specific space during times it is actually being occupied. This is great for saving money on energy costs.

They are easier to install because the connection between indoor and outdoor units usually will require just a 3″ hole to put the conduit through. It is also easy to get various lengths of the connecting conduit so you can place your outdoor unit up to 50 feet away. That way you can cool rooms at the front of your house while hiding your compressor away in a more inconspicuous or advantageous place outside.

The advantage of being ductless is in being able to avoid losing energy like regular duct-work. Statistics show that over 30% of all energy loss with air conditioning is because of the ducts.

The flexibility factor gives you a lot more options as far as design in your air conditioning. You can suspend them from ceilings, hang them on the wall, or mount them flush to a drop ceiling.

The new technology behind the mini-split system is known as ‘Inverter Technology’. This is in regard to the outdoor condensing unit. The conventional compressors usually run at at fixed speeds. They regulate the temperature by switching from full capacity speed to full shut-off. The thermostat controls the starting and stopping.

With Inverter Technology the compressors eliminate the stopping and starting cycles by using a ‘variable frequency’ to drive them. This causes it to function at a revolution that is much more steady and increases and decreases power in a more gradual fashion.

The result of the variable frequency operation is reaching the desired temperature quicker and maintaining a more even temperature for more comfort, better energy savings, and more efficiency.

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