Common Heating & Furnace Problems

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Common Heating & Furnace Problems

Furnace & Heater Problems

Take the Burr Out of your Winter

It definitely gets cold enough in Auburn, Ca. that we rely on our heating systems working in the winter. With winter coming, is your furnace or heating source ready to keep you warm? We have been providing service and repairs for furnaces and heating systems since 1976 and here are the most common repairs we find. So let’s start with the most common heater repair we encounter.

Furnace & Heater Neglect

By far the most common furnace and heating system repair we see. Not only in heating but in cooling as well. Lack of maintenance on your furnace can cause unexpected break downs, lack of comfort, higher energy costs and owner frustration. Just like our cars your furnace and Heating systems need regular maintenance. Homeowners can save money on heating costs, reduce costly repairs and enjoy a healthy heating system with annual maintenance.

Thermostat Problems

Furnace and heating systems all have some type of thermostat that communicates the desired heat it needs to deliver. If this communication is not working say goodbye to your heating comfort. Common thermostat issues with furnace and heating system usually revolve around wiring causing communication issues like fans not working, no heat or cooling and comfort issues. If your thermostat has batteries do check before calling your Auburn Heating Repair contractor.

Furnace/ Heating Ignition System Issues

All heating and furnace’s all have a common pilot or ignition control system and when they start to breakdown they can wreak havoc your heating system. Sometimes causing intermittent issues working then not working, making it hard too isolate the heating problem. Furnace and Heating ignition systems can also fail completely. Most of the time these are simple repairs for heating repair technicians, but are nightmares for homeowners in the middle of the winter.

Air Flow Troubles

Our homes heating and cooling systems use air ducts to move the heat or cool air to the desired room locations. With the exceptions of mini split systems. If your heating & cooling air ducts have leaks, blockages are sized incorrectly they will cause your furnace to work harder. From fan motors and small heating parts like belts and bearings all will be at risk. While regular visual inspections of your heating and cooling ducts are great, annual maintenance from a professional Auburn heating and cooling contractor is recommended.

cb-iconClogged & Dirty Filters

Filter replacement is the one heating and cooling repair any homeowner can do themselves. Please understand that a dirty or clogged filter can result in air flow restrictions causing your heating system to work harder and void your warranty. In addition to comfort issues, health concerns can arise. Breathing bad air through dirty or clogged filters can result in sickness, allergies and other breathing issues. Change filters at least every three months. If you have pets or sensitive allergies change at least every month. Consider a professional evaluation for a stronger air filtration system.

For more information on common heating & cooling problems visit Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our technicians can help you breath and live better, lower heating costs and cut down on unwanted heating repairs. But if you do have a heating emergency we provide 24 hour emergency service for Auburn and surrounding cities. No Heat….No Problem Call: Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air 530-278-3611

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