Choose the best heating and Cooling System for your Home

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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Choose the best heating and Cooling System for your Home

heating and Cooling System

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Systems

Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating & Air is proud to serve Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. We are the best at providing superior installation, maintenance and repairs for all our customer’s HVAC needs. Our highly trained and skilled technicians can design a new HVAC s

ystem for older, vintage and heritage houses as well. Installation of certain new systems will not require or create damage to older structures. Now is the season to upgrade your home’s current heating or cooling system

heating or cooling system with a high efficiency model. High efficiency means lower energy bills and a more comfortable, healthy indoor environment. Upgrading your system will also add resale value to your home.

The different types of high efficiency heating and cooling units:

There is something for every type of home and budget. Many qualify for tax incentives and rebates. When combined with energy savings, these units will pay for themselves over time.

  • DEVAP, or desiccant enhanced evaporative air conditioning, is a unit that uses a moisture absorbing substance to help dehumidify the air while not using additional power. Since drier air feels cooler, you can set the thermostat higher and reap additional energy savings.
  • Passive dehumidification units use three separate evaporator coils to dehumidify the air up to 50 percent more than other air conditioners without using additional electricity.
  • Solar/grid hybrid air conditioning and heating systems combine solar panels and grid power. These units report up to a 60 percent savings in energy consumption. There are models with SEER ratings of up to 24, which are among the highest in the industry.
  • Split ductless air conditioners are installed in single rooms. The condensing units are outside the building on a slab or stand and the evaporator coil unit that provides heating or cooling is mounted on an inside wall. A single hole allows drain and refrigerant hoses to pass through. There are grid powered, solar/grid power hybrid and solar powered units on the market today.

Our expert staff will be happy to evaluate your home, provide an energy audit and help you select the best system for your home. We provided unparalleled HVAC service in Sacramento, CA. Call us today at (916) 577-5020 so that we can ensure your next high efficiency heating and cooling unit is selected and installed properly.

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