Benefits of Having a Dehumidifier System in Your Home

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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Benefits of Having a Dehumidifier System in Your Home

The long, warm days of blue skies and golden sunshine that typify summer are just around the corner. In most of the country, summer also means high levels of humidity; that dense, uncomfortable dampness where the air feels heavy and moist, even when it is not raining. A good dehumidifying system in your home will improve comfort and promote healthy air quality.

The humidity level in a home should not be more than 50%, with an ideal level between 30%-50%. Homes that are in moist climates may have periods of water seepage on the ground floor or in the basement, or suffer from excess humidity in the summer and have levels well above these benchmarks. Even homes in temperate climates can often suffer from high humidity. Air conditioners cannot detect humidity, so once the desired temperature is reached, they shut down and humidity levels climb again. Dehumidifiers work by using a compressor to create a cooled surface that pulls and collects moisture from the air. The air is reheated and released back into the room.

To prevent problems like mold, silverfish and centipedes, musty smells and general dampness that are associated with an overly moist environment, several types of dehumidifiers are available:

Dessicant Dehumidifiers pull air in and pass it over a material like silica gel, which naturally absorbs moisture. This and other lightweight portable units are only suitable for small spaces over a short period of time.

Whole House Dehumidifiers are the largest units and usually work in tandem with a home’s HVAC system. A professional will need to install it for you. These systems have a condenser and are also set up to efficiently drain off the water which is collected. Available sizes range from those that can fit in a crawlspace to ultra powerful models that can even dehumidify indoor pools and spas.

To stabilize humidity levels in your home and insure your family’s health and comfort, the whole house dehumidifier is the best solution to give you dependable results for years to come.

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