Air Quality in The Workplace

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January 3, 2017
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Air Quality in The Workplace

Sacramento Workplace Air Quality

Work all day in an office? What is the air like your breathing?

How much time do you spend indoors? Actually, on average we spend most of our time indoors. Have you ever given much thought to the air we breathe indoors? When you’re at school, at work or in your home, is the air cleaner inside or out? In most cases the air outside air is always cleaner, unless you are surrounded by wildfires. For more information regarding air quality during wildfires visit this CDC site. In fact indoor air quality has been determined a top five health risk to human health. In addition to health risks, work performance can be greatly affected. Some common known issues can be age of buildings, moisture problems unclean environments. This blog will focus on your office ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.
 indoor pollution
The number one factor in poor air quality in offices is the ventilation system design, operation and maintenance. Why is that? You see we have less control over the indoor environment in their work place then we do in our own homes. As a result, reported health problems associated with office buildings is astronomical. The mechanical ventilation systems are designed not only to heat and cool the air, but more importantly to draw in and circulate outdoor air. If your work place mechanical system is poorly designed, operated or not maintained your health is certainly at risk. Most of the time, the biggest culprit of poor air quality in your workplace, is the lack of maintenance to your heating and air conditioning system. Ventilation systems can be a large source of indoor pollution themselves by spreading biological contaminants that have multiplied in cooling towers, humidifiers, unchanged filters, air conditioners, Furnaces or the inside surfaces of ventilation duct work. Unclean work spaces can make matters grow from bad to worse. Dirty carpets, dusty conditions, mold and other culprits will create a vicious cycle of bad air cycling through your ventilation system.

A new trend we are seeing in larger offices is in association with the workplace efforts to save energy. One Example, ventilation systems that are not properly used to bring in adequate amounts of outdoor air usually closing of vents to not heat or cool areas not used much. Inadequate ventilation occurs when air supply and return vents are closed or blocked restricting the air flow to the fresh breathing zone of the building occupants. Work place HVAC systems are designed to operate a certain way, when you alter the air flow you will affect the ventilation system in a harmful way.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Most workplaces have a quarterly maintenance plan in place to monitor and maintain a proper working environment. This should include filter changes, cleaning and air quality testing. Ask your employer if they have a maintenance agreement and how often is their air quality checked. If you’re an owner, protect your company’s employees with a commercial maintenance agreement.

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Aside from proper health benefits research has found that improved perceptions of, or satisfaction with, indoor air quality are associated with improvements in some aspects in work performance. So why wouldn’t you make sure your air quality you work in is Crystal Clear!

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