Air Conditioning Problems in Roseville

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January 3, 2017
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January 3, 2017
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Air Conditioning Problems in Roseville

Why your air conditioner is not keeping you cool in Roseville?

heater unitWhen it gets overly hot in Roseville, Ca. and your air conditioner is not keeping you cool it can make life miserable. What causes your air conditioning system to not work? As one of Roseville’s premier Air Conditioning companies we see numerous causes. Here are some culprits why your Roseville Air Conditioner is not working.

  • Clogged Filters– In most cases we arrive at your Roseville home to inspect you broken A/C to find it dirty and with unchanged filters. Your Filters should be changed every month. In addition to poor air quality, the life of your cooling system depends on it. A dirty or clogged air filter will result in stale air and allow dirt to collect on internal parts causing overheating and possible break downs. Air conditioning systems should be inspected by an expert every spring to ensure that the system is operating correctly and safely. Our Crystal Blue Tune-Up service provides a professional cleaning; Filter Change and safety check that we perform on all types of air conditioning equipment to help maintain peak performance.
  • Leaky or Damaged Ducts– Your Roseville air conditioner could be working fine, but your air ducts might not be delivering you the cool air you need. Damaged, pinched or crushed ducts will choke off your AC, causing unwanted damage to a perfectly operating air conditioner. Not to mention the fact that your Roseville home is not getting cool. Leaky, separated or open air ducts can cause your Roseville Air Conditioning system to work much harder than required, which in turn elevates those air conditioning bills and may even shorten the life span of your air conditioner. Undersized, oversized or incorrectly designed air ducts can cause numerous problems to the air conditioning system in addition to not cooling the house correctly. Let Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air properly inspect, seal & insulate ducts to ensure the air flow distribution system is allowing your cooling system to work at its highest efficiency.
  • Air Conditioner Leak– Leaking air conditioners are very common to our Roseville climate. We find several types of leaks within an air conditioning system. Today we will discuss when your air conditioner refrigerant levels get low. Leaking Freon accounts for over 90% of all our Roseville Air Conditioning repairs. When you’re A/C system has a refrigerant leak, it’s going to become dangerous for your inhabitants of the residence and the atmosphere. You see, refrigerant is required by your air conditioner to perform. Without it or with lower levels of Freon, you will get reduced efficiency from your air conditioning system. Whenever you have Freon Leaks, it can trigger your evaporator coil to ice up or your AC can overheat and the compressor will stop working. These Leaks must be professionally fixed by a qualified technician. Once the leak is fixed it must be tested and accurately charge the system to the correct Freon quantity. Adding more Freon without repairing the leak amounts to “willfully venting” refrigerants into the atmosphere. Willfully venting refrigerants/ Freon is against the law and punishable by incarceration and or severe fines.

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