3 Signs You Need To Get a New Heater

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February 21, 2017
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heating installation service in the Auburn, CA

While many people put off getting a new heater installed due to concerns over the costs involved not to mention the stress and inconvenience some face when trying to find a reputable heating technician who can do the job quickly. After all the last thing you want is to be without heat for any length of time. There are however quite a few signs that precurse the last days of a heater before it gives up for good. At Crystal Blue, we offer a range of heating options including heating installation service in the Auburn, CA area to ensure that when the time comes your home can be fitted with a new heater that can keep your home warm for years to come. Have a look below at the three most common signs we see in customers’ homes that suggest it’s time for a new heating system.


If your heating is between 8-12 years old, it’s likely it needs to be swapped out for a newer model. Heating equipment has come a long way in the last decade and while many older products are hardy pieces of kit they do not come with the modern settings that ensure your comfort and make your life easier. All new heating systems must be in line with the department of energy’s standards that promote clean energy. If you have an older heating system it is likely inefficient even if you do not notice it, newer systems are cleaner, safer, reduce fuel emissions and energy loss which helps the environment while helping you keep more money in your wallet as you’ll be using less energy in the first place.


heating installation service in the Auburn, CA

Unavoidable Replacements

Often many people only get a new heater when they reach the point of no return with their current system and need emergency assistance. Crystal Blue is on hand 24/7 and can handle emergency call outs if necessary when your heating gives out on you at the most awkward of times. When a heater is around 10 years old or has surpassed that, most systems start to break down and deteriorate this is especially true and sometimes a lot earlier when homeowners haven’t kept up with regular maintenance. The good thing about our heating installation service in Auburn, CA is it bypasses your need to get regular and often costly repairs to a poor function system and with an improved model you’ll be covered by warranty and be eligible for scheduled annual maintenance as part of our many packages.

Malfunctions and Inefficiency

When you find yourselves frequently altering the thermostat or find that your system is turning on and off, or you just can’t seem to get a decent amount of heat in certain rooms, these small issues you don’t think much of in passing are a sign your heating just can’t keep it up and do its job. The benefits that come with newer models include full control of your thermostat from setting when you want it to come on to temperatures for individual rooms, this is going to save you money as you won’t be losing any heat when you have a fully optimized heating system at your disposal, this leads many of our customers to not need to use their heating systems as regularly or to the same degree. To learn more about our heating installation service in Auburn, CA contact us on 916-577-2050.

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